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Computer Technology Limited is a family run business based in Stoke-On-Trent. Get to know a little bit more about Computer Technology Limited, what’s been going on recently and the people behind the business by following this blog.

When life gives you lemons

It’s been a strange old time with coronavirus, the furlough scheme and the redundancy threat many people are facing. So what do people do.. well, when life gives you lemons it could be the perfect time to make lemonade! At Computer Technology Limited we’re lucky to find ourselves at the exciting end when people starting new business ventures are looking to build a web presence..  helping people begin their online journey is honestly one of the nicest parts of my job!  If you’re looking to register a domain name, checkout our world class domain and hosting services:–seo-3-w.asp

(Remember, rather than your business name, it’s often better to select a domain name that includes keywords your potential customers are typing into search engines such as Google. Many businesses actually operate a small handful of websites to maximize their online exposure.)


eBay Sales..

We opened an eBay shop back on 6th July this year, since then we’ve sold a few computer items (over a couple of thousand pounds worth), not massive amounts admittedly, but enough to make me wonder whether we should be upgrading from a ‘basic shop’ to a ‘featured shop’..  it seems a no-brainer with the additional 1,250 free fixed price listings included.. not sure why I feel reluctant to upgrade..  maybe I’m just being an e-commerce snob?..  watch this space to find out what we decided to do!

~ I just wanted to add that as a customer you’ll always get a better price direct from our website than from eBay!

Design your own PC with our ‘Custom PC Builder’!

No compatibility knowledge required! Our customers can now design their own custom PC by using our ‘Custom PC Builder’. It’s great to see this handy tool go live.. check it out:

New e-commerce store for Computer Technology Limited!

We’ve taken the plunge and committed to a web store, so now not only do we provide computer repairs throughout Stoke-On-Trent but we’re now also passing on the great prices we get from our distributors direct to our customers UK wide! It’s a new chapter in the business which required some investment in both terms of money and time..’ll be an interesting journey, follow me on this blog for little snippets about what’s going on and what my thoughts are about it all! Visit the store:

Time for more time!

Those who know me at a more personal level will know that my ‘day job’ has for some time been working for British Telecom, which is the reason we don’t (yet) operate from a ‘bricks and mortar’ retail shop.  The time has now come for me to focus more of my time on ‘Computer Technology Limited’ so next month I’m anxiously excited to be reducing the number of hours I work for BT and redirecting those work hours to ‘the business’, it may surprise you to learn that Computer Technology is run by one man (with help from his family) while holding down a ‘regular’ job at the same time, if so that’s great, I’d always hoped to portray the business as bigger than it is.. in a good way 🙂  Onwards and upwards!

Computer Technology Limited Forum..

Thousands of years ago back in 2011, even before ‘Computer Technology Limited’ was a thing, I installed a user forum onto a subdomain of our main website: Ever since the beginning it’s been a bit of an embarrassment frankly.. I’ve never had the time to devout to it and it’s been plagued forever by forum spammers.. sadly but understandably resulting in the genuine forum users making a swift exit.. I’ve always made semi-regular odd attempts to clean out the spammers but I’ve never got on top of it.. even now I look at it and wonder how I (as one man running everything) can find a way of improving the forum to a state where I’d be happy to link to it from our main domain.. is there anybody out there who would like an unpaid job as moderator.. I doubt it, for now the forum stays firmly on the back boiler.. it depresses.. it really does


It’s sad I know but I’m just putting it out there that the ‘Cha-Ching!’ noise I get on my mobile from the eBay App when an item sells is totally satisfying.. ..why haven’t they made more of the ‘Cha-Ching!’ sound in their marketing strategy?! they really should!

(not my video)

We have an eBay shop!

It seemed like we were missing out by not selling our computer products online, we have some great relationships with our suppliers and get some fantastic products at great prices so we’ve made a start by opening an eBay Shop (just a basic one for now). We’ll see how things go, a full e-commerce store is not off the cards just yet, follow us on the journey by keeping an eye on this blog.

We’ve launched a WordPress Blog!

I’ve wanted to introduce another way to improve our website ‘content’ in order to increase traffic but I’m not somebody who takes themselves ‘too’ seriously and I didn’t want to manage just another impersonal ‘content strategy’ so here it is! In this blog you’ll not only find some interesting Computer Technology Limited business news but also some ‘thought snippets’ direct from the mind of the owner ‘me’. For better or worse, you’ll get to know us a little better by following this blog ‘my blog’.. enjoy!

~ Gregg Fishwick (Owner and Managing Director), Computer Technology Limited.