Crypto currency

What is Crypto Currency?

Crypto currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP) and Stellar Lumens (XLM) are digital tokens that are used to buy and sell goods or services very quickly and very cheaply by using  Blockchain technology.  Some people also trade Crypto currencies in the same way as people have traded traditional fiat currencies.

Does Computer Technology Limited accept payment by Crypto currency?
Currently we only accept payments in Crypto currency for our repair and basic web hosting services. We currently accept XRP and XLM payments, please email us for further information.
You can make payments to Computer Technology Ltd using the following wallet addresses:
Ripple XRP:                    rEhQNjMPhtDEsohDU5BfPruFHmukf3FHMj

Where can I store my Crypto currency?
You can store your Crypto currency in a 'wallet' or on an exchange. We recommend CryptoCompare as a great place to learn about Crypto currencies. If you purchase your Crypto currency via our recommended partner INDACOIN they can also supply you with a suitable wallet to store your currency.

How do I get Crypto currency?
There are a number of websites via which you can purchase a number of Crypto currencies using you Debit/Credit card. Computer Technology Ltd have partnered with INDACOIN where you can buy a good selection of Crypto currencies, please be sure to check out their fees, terms and conditions before you purchase.

Crypto currency is an emerging technology/industry where there are few if any government regulations or safety nets.  We Strongly recommend taking all reasonable steps to protect your currency and research thoroughly to avoid any potential losses. Any recommendations given by Computer Technology Limited are done so in good faith and Computer Technology Limited take no responsibility for any problems/losses incurred.