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PC, Laptop, Mobile Phone & Tablet Repairs (select an option above for more information)

Whether your PC is running slow or has lost all signs of life, whether your laptop isn't charging or the screen is broken. No matter what type of computer repair your PC or laptop is in need of, we can help you!

We've been repairing computers throughout Stoke-On-Trent and nearby areas for years. We can repair absolutely any make/model of PC or laptop, branded or unbranded. Please Get  in Touch for a free no obligation estimate.
We're a friendly computer repair specialist you can trust. You can also Facebook Message us by clicking the icon at the bottom right of this page.

If you're within​​​​​ Stoke-On-Trent/Nearby area we'll collect/deliver to your address free of charge. For any other mainland UK customers you can ship your item to us, we'll include return shipping in the price we quote you for the repair. (we strongly recommend using a signed/tracked/insured method of shipping)

Computer repairs from just £20!

  • CONTACT US NOW FOR A FREE NO-OBLIGATION ESTIMATE: Tel: 01782 644750/07521 580 332  /  Email:


All our computer repair work comes with a warranty. Warranties can vary, please contact us to enquire.


We don't charge a call out fee! We collect & return your computer free if you're withing Stoke-On-Trent or nearby.


In the highly unlikely event we're unable to repair your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Phone, we won't charge you a penny.

Here is just a very small sample list of Laptop repairs we can do:

  • Power/DC Socket repair and replacement. We can replace your broken laptop DC Socket, repair the DC Socket or even install a customised laptop DC Socket that we like to call an 'indestructable DC Socket'.
  • Laptop screen replacement. We can repair/replace all makes, models and types of laptop screens. Whether your laptop screen has cracked, developed pressure marks or the PCB has developed a fault. We can help.
  • Screen inverter replacement for older laptops. If you have a very dim image on your laptop screen you may be in need of a new screen inverter for your laptop. We have access to a myriad of screen inverters which we can fit into your laptop in no time at all.
  • Laptop motherboard repair. If you have a damaged component on your laptop motherboard we can repair it. If your laptop motherboard has truly bitten the dust we can source replacement motherboards and replace your faulty laptop motherboard.
  • Faulty hard drives. Laptops are portable, this can cause extra stress on a hard drive causing damage and putting your laptop out of action. We can replace/repair all kinds of laptop hard drives, SATA, IDE and Solid State (SSD).
  • USB port replacement/repair. We come across many laptops that have sustained damage to USB ports. Unlike many laptop repair companies, here at Computer Technology Limited we can remove damaged USB ports and install new ones.
  • Faulty laptop batteries. When a laptop battery dies, there's often not much that can be done about it. Computer Technology Limited can supply you with a brand new laptop battery.
  • Lights but no Power. Laptop repair is something we pride ourselves upon. Unlike many laptop repair companies Computer Technology Limited can repair the dreaded 'lights but no picture' fault on all kinds of laptops. Get in touch today.
  • Memory replacement. If you memory is causing your laptop to crash, blue screen or display other symptons, we can supply you with all kinds of laptop memory.
  • CCFL Tube/Bulb replacement. Occassionally we come across laptops that have developed a faulty or broken backlight. Computer Technology Limited can help. We can replace all types of laptop backlight.
  • Software repairs. Viruses, corrupt windows, missing drivers, forgotten windows passwords. Get in touch with us today, we can repair all these kinds of laptop problems quickly and affordably.

Here is just a very small sample list of PC repairs we can do:

  • Replace/Repair PC components such as faulty hard drives, graphics cards giving no display, memory causing your PC to 'blue screen' or crash, optical drives not reading discs and many more.
  • Motherboard repair. Many PC repair shops simply replace your motherboard. Here at Computer Technology Limited PC repair we can often repair your motherboard without having to replace it.
  • Spyware/Virus removal. With years of PC repair experience in removing and eradicating all kinds of malicious software such as worms, trojans, malware, adware, scareware, viruses and more.
  • Windows operating system repair. If you have a corrupt windows installation and are looking for a PC repair company that can fix it without the need for formatting your PCs hard drive and losing all your data then get in touch with us.
  • No Power. For a small number of reasons sometimes PC power supplies just stop working, leaving you with no way of turning your PC on. We can replace your faulty PSU and install a new one in no time at all.
  • Broken USB ports. It's easy enough to install extra USB ports but if you would really like to get your original ones repaired then contact Computer Technology Limited. We can replace/repair your broken PC USB ports quickly and easily.
  • Bluescreen of death/BSOD, random crashing or PC restarting. There are many reasons why this can happen. We can pinpoint the problem and offer a solution/repair.
  • CD/DVD drive not reading discs. Sometimes a PC optical drive wears out and needs replacing, sometimes it just requires a simple software fix. Unlike many PC repair businesses, we carry out both types of repair.
  • Format and OS installation. Very occasionally there is no choice but to format your PCs hard drive and start a fresh. When there's no other way to repair your PC, we can do this for you.
  • Overheating CPU or other components. There are times when your processor or PC begins to overheat. We offer various solutions for this problem from simple CPU fan replacment to full blown water cooling system installations for those avid gamers/overclockers out there.

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