Switch broadband

There are more broadband deals out there than ever before and it's no longer the norm to remain with one provider for too long.  It's simple to switch and many providers will even offer to credit you any early termination contract charges from your current provider in order to win you as a customer! It's never been easier to switch and new customer deals are often better than existing customer deals! We recommend that you checkout the deals currently available to you:

Check your broadband speed using this handy speed checker from broadband choices:

Help Improve WIFI Connectivity:
1) Position your router/hub in a central location within your building, think vertical as well as horizontal
2) Avoid placing your router nearby any other electrical or magnetic equipment such as speakers and televisions, also avoid placing your router near to heat sources such as fireplaces or in very confined spaces where the hubs own heat cannot escape
3) Steer clear of placing your hub next to large metallic objects such as radiators or even foil backed insulation as these types of materials may interfere/block your wireless signal
4) Check out your hub manufacturer help guide as there's likely to be some great information on how to correctly configure your hub and tailor it to your requirements
5) Speak to your broadband provider, they may be able to offer you a newer model of router and their technical support will be all too happy to run through some simple home setup checks
6) Don't confuse wireless signal and broadband speed. If your wireless signal is strong but your broadband speed is slow then consider checking out if there are any faster deals you could be on by following the comparison link at the top of this page.
7) Consider purchasing a more powerful router and possibly WIFI boosters as well!